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Bad Axe, MI  48413

Telephone:  (989) 269-9938

Fax:  (989) 269-2739

Hatchet Excellence Award

The Hatchet Excellence Award gives special recognition to an individual who goes "above and beyond" in support of our students and school programs.  Recipients are selected and recognized at a Board of Education meeting.

Hatchet Excellence Award Recipients  

Brian Wichert- Board Member, 2016

Lori Stone- JH Office Secretary, Central Office, & Board Member,  2017

Mindy Breault- Varsity Volleyball Coach, Teacher, 2018

Mark Krug- Board President, Coach, 2019

Bad Axe Board of Education

President James Hass December 31, 2020
Vice-President Zac Eskau December 31, 2022
Secretary Ken Guza December 31, 2020
Treasurer Denise McVey December 31, 2024
Trustee Nick Checkley December 31, 2022
Trustee Maria Prescott November 3, 2020*
Trustee Kristen Rifenbark November 3, 2020**

*Appointed- Full Term Ends December 31, 2024

**Appointed- Full Term Ends December 31, 2022


Administrative Staff & Directors

 Gregory M. Newland
 High School Principal
 Kurt E. Dennis
 Middle School Principal
 Peter M. Batzer
 Elementary Principal Sharon Brighton
 Ascent High School Principal
 Russell Clark
 High School Counseling
 Joel Brandel
 High School College/Career Advisor Rebecca Roggenbuck
 Business Manager
 Melodie Kociba
 Human Resources/Payroll
 Pauline Howard
 Administrative Assistant
 Donna Grigg
 Accounts Payable
 Amy Rogers
 Director of Transportation & Buildings/Grounds
 Keith Sweeney
 Director of Technology  Brian Delpiere
 Special Education Coordinator
 Melissa Newland
 Athletic Director
 Mike Bogan
 Director of Food Services
 Bonnie Gainor